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14331BTU Swimming Pool Heat Pump for Above-Ground Pools 110V 0.65KW Pool Heater


14331 BTU mini pool heat pump for small water volumes is ideal for small above ground pools. We recommend using it in aboveground swimming pools with a volume of less than 2700GAL, with a maximum pool volume of no more than 4000GAL. 8 foot long power cable with standard USA plug, and 3.3 inches water […]

14331BTU Mini Swimming Pool Heat Pump for Above-Ground Pools, 110V Pool Heater


High Reliability – Our electric pool heater can operate at high condensing temperatures throughout the year. Operate at a high load in summer and a large pressure ratio in winter. It is required to be more reliable than air conditioning compressors. High Water Temperature – Our electric pool heater is suitable for small pools of […]